March 2011 Editorial 

The good life in a crazy world!


I am a man that can look back, to see the years lived and be thankful for the experience and the huge learning that life has given me.


As you can imagine, I have a life rather Complex; my job that I love, makes me travel frequently, getting on many airplanes, traveling hundreds of miles by road, in other words it makes me feel more exposed, a situation that often makes me analyze my life, career, experiences and mistakes. Every time I do, I can confirm that I’m lucky… My life has been very interesting so far.


On this occasion, the exploration was somewhat different, as this analysis of life is not focused on what I have lived, but on what I still have to live.


My friends, needless is to say that in the time you have allowed me to lead AMHPAC, it has not only been an honor, but it has also been living a dream.


The time we are living now and the time to come, will also be very good.


This is easy to say, even with the recent situations that have affected the Mexican agriculture sector, particularly in the northern states, events that fall into the category of “tragedy”.


It is true; the world defends itself more intensely to the aggressive interaction of man, with droughts, floods and now frosts that jeopardized horticultural exports, the country’s food safety, the development of Mexican agricultural companies, employment, security, etc. This is a situation certainly negative. For what I have seen in these recent days, makes me conclude that what is to come is very good.


It is on these times of crisis, where we know what we are made of, I have seen both State and Federal governments, private companies and farmer organizations to converge on an aggressive and determined plan to prevail and move forward.



The pride of being a farmer has surfaced, the sense of responsibility to the obligation  to produce the food that our society requires and at any cost, to take action to meet their demands.